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Sufna is a 2020 Indian Punjabi-language romantic drama film written and directed by Jagdeep Sidhu. Produced by Panj Paani Films, it stars Ammy Virk, Tania, and Jagjeet Sandhu in the lead. The film is released on 14 February 2020 in India.

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When the story is simple, the script becomes a challenge. When that story is a love story, the chemistry has to be real, the characters are well made, and for the dialogues, they have to be what you need to cry, think and smile. Boy! Does Sufna tick all the boxes and neatly within small squares that are usually reserved for a simple love story? Tegh and Jagjit’s, played by Tania and Ammy, respectively!

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Sufna Movie Information

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama,
Language: Punjabi
Quality: HDRip
Format: MKV
Release Date: 14 February 2020 (India)
Stars: Ammy Virk, Tania, Jagjeet Sandhu, Balwinder Bullet, Jasmin Bajwa, Rabab Kaur
Director: Jagdeep Sidhu
About Movie – Sufna is a 2020 Indian Punjabi-language romantic drama film written and directed by Jagdeep Sidhu. Produced by Panj Paani Films, it stars Ammy Virk, Tania, and Jagjeet Sandhu in the lead. The film released on 14 February 2020 in India.

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Sufna Movie Review, StarCast All details


The story is not only present in Disney’s palace but also the rural areas of Punjab. Not in mustard fields but in the cotton strip of Malwa. The girl comes to the boy’s village for a few months to harvest the cotton crop, where a lot of the story unfolds. “You get beautiful teeth, he compliments her, I bite them with them too and well,” she retracts.

Born to a Muslim mother and a Sikh father but orphaned, she also knows well the value of pure selfless love, by ensuring that the boy goes out to study, work and get a job and is not a targetless lover, The one she likes is up to interval time.

During the promotional tour, Ammi Virk nearly stuck her neck, saying, “Ninety percent of the film is Tania’s.” Which it does, but the real protagonist for the audience is writer and director Jagdeep Sidhu, who does not fall into any kind of formulaic temptations.

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A ‘Thank You’ is meant to not subject the audience to a sudden dance track in a pub or item number or any such scary path. Bole, Be Prac’s music consists of five numbers, which do not let the story fall away from love and love. Innocent love is often subject to ridicule, at least in the day and age of Tinder and OTT platforms, but the songs, like the script, tug at your heartbeat.

Now for Ammi Virk, he is in form, as he usually is, but not one where he hides in all the headlines but also applauds Jagjit Sandhu as his friend. The boy, who is the hero’s best friend, yet has a gray complexion, as he tries to seduce the leading lady into whatever it takes, fruity, bangles, promise to be friends with benefits or deep pockets. She does not give the threat of defamation to the husband, but of course, true love wins.


Sufna Movie Script analysis

The story of Jagdeep Sidhu comes to newness. Though it is a regular story of a boy who tries to impress a girl and marry her, the way he has told leaves an impact—the story talks on top of friendship, love, life, and everything – sacrifice.

The film makes you laugh at many points, but it is more than that that makes it worth watching. There are enough moments that will shake you, warm your heart, and some of them will leave you teary-eyed or give you a lump in your thru.

The whole idea of ​​”love means giving and no exchange of any kind” is explained in a friendly way, and it comes out as a great message for all the youth. The best thing, however, is that it never preaches and engagingly explains everything.

The last 30 minutes or so take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions where you will feel almost everything. You will sense emotions, you will feel angry, you will feel happy, and in the end, you will come out with moist eyes.


Sufna Movie Story

sufna Movie is based on the story of a boy and girl, their love, and how it first appears. When the situation forces the couple to participate, they must stand by each other and fight for their enjoyment. The film is one of the much-awaited films, ‘Sufna,’ is finally releasing tomorrow.

The Movie presents the love story of Ammi Virk and Tania; the film is simply all things romantic. However, what a romantic story without challenges. So, ‘Sufna’ also has some unpleasant twists, and if Ammi and Tania’s love will overcome them or not, it will sustain you. Sufna Film Movie Review and RatingSpeaking.

Because the first person considers him dear as Gurnam Bhullar and Sonam Bajwa, after this, the story begins Ammi tries her best to woo Tania, but the girl shows no interest. However, he finally gives up in the face of Ammi’s gestures of sweet and innocent love and, therefore, the romance begins to flourish. But as mentioned earlier, each love story also has a dark side.

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Although the advance does not clearly show what the differences between Ammi and Tania establish, the two are forced to separate. And his pain will touch your heart. ‘Sufna,’ written and directed by Jagdeep Sidhu, is a production of Gurpreet Singh and Navneet Virk.

Along with Ammy Virk and Tania, the film stars Jagjit Sandhu, Seema Kaushal, Jasmine Bajwa, Kaka Kautki, Mohini Toor, Lakha Lehri, Balwinder Bullet, Rabab Kaur and Mintu Kappa in lead roles. Also, the film premieres on 14 February.


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