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नोट – डाउनलोड लिंक नीचे की तरफ है

Story: Revolving around an irrational obsession with motorbikes by Guddu Shukla (Karan Nath), the story takes him into the clutches of drug peddlers who steal his precious ride.

Review: Careless of the plight of his lower-middle-class family, Guddu Shukla wasted time dreaming of owning a motorbike. And, he eventually does. With this comes a job, a girlfriend, and some undue respect. Luck repeatedly dumps the street-smart Guddu at the wrong place at the wrong time. Her path is with a drug mafia, which leads to a series of dramatic action scenes.

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Genre : Action, Drama , , , , ,
Language: Hindi
Quality: HDRip
Format: MKV
Release Date: 28 February 2020 (India)
Stars: Karan Nath, Nathalia Kaur, Abhimanyu Singh, Ganesh Venkatraman, Shilpa Shirodkar, Zarina Wahab, Mohan Agashe, Tej Sapru
Director: Sekhar Suri
About Movie – Guns of Banaras is an Indian (Hindi ) language action film. Directed by Shekhar Suri and jointly produced by Ashok Munshi and Shaina Nath Taldar under the banner of Dhaka Cinema Co, and is presented by Dashaka Films and AJ media.

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Guns Of Banaras Movie Review, StarCast All details

Guns of Banaras is Indian (Hindi ) language action film. Directed by Shekhar Suri and jointly produced by Ashok Munshi and Shaina Nath Taldar under the banner of Dhaka Cinema Co, and is presented by Dashaka Films and AJ media.

  • Karan Nath
  • Nathalia Kaur
  • Abhimanyu Singh
  • Ganesh Venkatraman
  • Shilpa Shirodkar
  • Zarina Wahab
  • Mohan Agashe
  • Tej Sapru

Guns Of Banaras Movie Trailer

A remake of the South film Poladhavan, Shekhar Suri’s ‘Banaras Ki Guns’ is a multi-layered script with oscillations between multiple characters. It arouses curiosity with a flashback-filled climax at the beginning. The charismatic Karan Nath then jumps in with his memorable performance, perfecting his style throughout the film.

Emotional scenes with his father, such as when he spends all his life to fly on a bike, are heartbreaking. Soon, you break away from the family and are taken to discover the dark side of Banaras, where the gangster’s flare-up. Guddu’s bike is stolen for drug peddling, and he ends up endangering the lives of his loved ones to get him back.

Guns of Banaras New Movie Guns of Banaras For Download

Despite shoddy camera work and sudden shifts between scenes, parallel statements are presented without any fuss. Also, the background score complements the visuals perfectly. The gangster duo, Abhimanyu Singh and Ganesh Venkataram, manage to take things up a notch in intense action sequences. But like the rest of the cast, Nathalia Kaur (Guddu’s girlfriend) stumbles for the most part due to her new acting. The lack of ‘Guns,’ mainly of Banaras, is a real motive for nurturing through the protagonist. So, protect yourself from this unpleasant ride.


There are a large number of Hindi television channels in India that show dubbed versions of South Indian masala action films 24×7. These films follow a set formula of a quarrel between ‘Hero’ and a crook and his gang.

The protagonist also falls in love with a shy, homegrown girl who frequently appears, especially during the music. Meanwhile, the quarrel between him and the bad guys lasts for two hours or more, after which that good man kills them all.

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Director Shekhar Suri’s Guns of Benaras follows much the same trajectory. The story is set in Banaras, Uttar Pradesh, and follows the life of Guddu Shukla (Karan Nath).

Guddu is a happy-go-lucky youth who lives with his parents (the late Vinod Khanna and Zarina Wahab) and a younger sister. Guddu regularly takes the brunt of his father’s criticism for not earning a living and wasting his time instead of friends. Then he comes for a girl (Nathalia Kaur).

When he learns that he will not be able to marry the girl she loves if he does not earn a living, Guddu finds a job with a firm. His work involves traveling on his motorbike, which he loves dearly. One day the bike is stolen. It brings him into a confrontation with a dreaded gangster (Abhimanyu Singh) and his brother.

Guns of Banaras is the official remake of the Tamil film Poladhavan (2007), which this reviewer has not seen. Directed by Vetrimaran, Dhanush acted in it.

Poladhavan’s original story was interesting, and the authors of Guns of Benares have retained it. This means that the director had a good story at his disposal. But it also needs to be remembered that Poladhavan was released 13 years ago. A lot has changed in India over these 13 years, including the taste of the audience. Also, such formula films are available daily on many satellite television channels.

To be fair, the Gun of Benares shows promise in the first half. Although the story develops slowly, by the time the interval arrives, you want to know what happens next.

After the hiatus, however, Banaras’s Guns doesn’t have much story to tell. We all get repetitive scenes; the story barely moves forward. This is most felt during scenes of confrontation between Abhimanyu Singh’s character and his brother, which later indicates unintentional swell. At one point, the story then takes a significant turn to prove the wrong alarm.

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The songs of Banaras marked the return of actor Karan Nath after more than a decade. Nath has maintained himself well, and he seems to be a part of Guddu Shukla. As an actor, he is not bad, but his performance is not so powerful as to provoke you to Guddu.

Worse, a silly act by Guddu makes you question the character’s intelligence and motivation. A point comes when Guddu feels guilty that he is not earning his possessions. His father then supported him and handed over all his savings to his son. So what does Guddu do? He goes out and buys his favorite motorcycle!

Among the cast, Mohan Agashe and Abhimanyu Singh show maturity in their performances. Shilpa Shirodkar, who returns to Hindi cinema after 20 years, amazes you by playing a smart character with natural gray shades.

Another problem with Guns of Banaras is that the title is not just in line with the film. Bad people mostly use old weapons such as swords. There is even a scene where the goons are attacking Guddu’s parents and sister, who are traveling in an autorickshaw. Instead of running away first to save his family, Guddu decides to eliminate the goons’ boss.

Perhaps Guddu Shukla also knew that ancient weapons would not do much harm.

Final Words

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